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*accidentally has flommy feels in the tags oops*

i’m going to cry because we never got to see tommy’s reaction to meeting felicity   # did he make some innappropriate comment like this?   # did oliver and diggle threaten to kill him afterwards?   # was felicity the one who made an accidentally innappropriate comment instead?   # I NEED TO KNOOOOW   # these tags don’t really have anything to do with the gifset   # i just had flommy feels  


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MERLYN & SMOAK AU: Roaring Twenties (x)

When his father cuts him off from his trust fund, Tommy Merlyn is forced to find a means to support his luxurious lifestyle. Luckily for him, Oliver Queen is looking for a new host for his club, Verdant, and without much hesitation, he gives the job to his best friend.

Night after night, Tommy thrills the crowd with his dazzling smile, energetic dance numbers and of course, his sensuous voice. He’s a sensation, a hit with the crowd and nothing ever deters him from finishing a set.

That is until one certain evening when halfway through his performance he notices her at the cards table.



The second he sees her enter the room, he realises that he is screwed.

When she comes up to him and says “fuck me”, he instantly replies “yes” until he realises that she’s started complaining about her new shoes.

For the whole night all he can think about is peeling that ridiculously short dress off of her with his teeth and his lips exploring her body. He glares at the men who leer at her and he makes almost any excuse to be by her side, even if it’s just to hear her tease him about his maroon shoes that match his tie. 

That night Tommy Merlyn realises that he is no longer screwed. No, he’s much worse than that. He’s completely fucked. 

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